Teddy Bear Corner, Inc.

Quality Child Care

Infant, Toddler and Pre-K Programs

3 Fairfield Locations:

Infant / Toddler Program
414 Greenfield Street
(203) 576-1000

Transitional Preschool Program
435 Old Stratfield Road
(203) 612-6295

Early Learning Center
273 Villa Avenue
(203) 330-1919

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    At the time of registration, I agree to pay the non-refundable registration fee and first two weeks of tuition (if paying bi-weekly,) or the first month's tuition (if paying monthly,) plus a security fee. I understand that the security may not be applied to the last term of enrollment at Teddy Bear Corner. Should I withdraw my child prior to enrollment, I understand that I will forfeit the registration fee. Should I withdraw my child after enrollment without giving thirty (30) days written notice, I understand that I will forfeit all monies paid. (Security funds will be returned within 10 business days, minus any unpaid fees or penalties after your child's last day of the program.)