Teddy Bear Corner, Inc.

Quality Child Care

Infant, Toddler and Pre-K Programs

3 Fairfield Locations:

Infant / Toddler Program
414 Greenfield Street
(203) 576-1000

Transitional Preschool Program
435 Old Stratfield Road
(203) 612-6295

Early Learning Center
273 Villa Avenue
(203) 330-1919


Benefits Provided by Teddy Bear Corner

Please see the following benefits that are all provided by Teddy Bear Corner as part of your tuition payments. Many of these benefits and extra services are often additional charges or not available at all at other programs in the local area.

– Teddy Bear Corner is not a franchise or commercial chain program. The director is the sole owner since opening in 1993 and is very hands-on with the everyday aspects of the program. We take great pride in being a family owned and operated center where all the staff members know all the children.

– Open 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM year-round, even when other centers are closed for “summer breaks”. We also offer an extended service program until 6:00 PM for an additional, reasonable fee.

– All three programs offer a quiet, residential area with a large grassy yard, shade trees, garden and a play area that is safe, private, and secure.

– Open door policy with secured, parent-friendly entrances. All the entryways are locked and only accessible with a parent’s personalized, four-digit code.

– Bright, open, clean and safe classrooms all monitored by CCTV camera system.

– Our program strongly believes in letting children play and explore, whilst having our teachers right by their side to expand their knowledge and guide their learning. Therefore, we are a screen-free facility. There are no tablets, iPads, or computers in any of our classrooms. This is an important question to ask while visiting other programs, as many of their teachers often are too busy updating their tablets rather than interacting with the children. As a benefit, doing things the “old fashion way” with pens and paper provides the necessary modeling for young children to begin building the foundation of writing!

– Daily take-home notes describing your child’s activities and highlight of their day.

– Knowledgeable caregivers trained in pediatric CPR, first aid, and safety, as well as licensed to administer medications.

– Monthly mandatory continuing education and workshops for all staff members in the area of early childhood education.

– A variety of four to eight in-school field trips for all classrooms to participate in, including yearly favorites: Critter Caravan, Singing with Lynn Lewis and Turn It Up with Miss Sandi!

– Licensed Early Childhood Educational consultant, Social Service consultant, Dental consultant and Health consultant are all available to asses any concerns. Weekly visits are done by our registered school nurse to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children as well as answer any concerns or questions from enrolled families.

– Parenting information, center updates, and upcoming events are all provided through a monthly in-house newsletter, as well as our on our up-to-date Facebook page.

– Families are given the option of how tuition is paid; either through our easy and convenient online billing system, check or cash. Parents also have the option of post-dating checks or having bank checks mailed directly to our billing office.

– Diapers and wipes are provided for all enrolled children at no additional cost to parents.

– All linens are provided for cots and cribs and laundered daily.

– Teddy Bear Corner is licensed by the state of Connecticut, is fully insured by Gerber Life Co. and carries full medical insurance for any accidental injuries.

As you can see, Teddy Bear Corner offers the best of both worlds in the field of Early Childhood Education. By being a small, family owned center, we offer all the benefits of a “home-daycare” where our classrooms maintain small ratios, with cozy and home-like classrooms and a staff that knows all of our families. However, we also offer the benefits associated with larger, commercial programs by being fully licensed and insured, in business for 25 years, offer age specific classrooms (versus mixed age group classrooms) and provide our staff with complete training in areas like CPR, first aid, medication administration and provide them with monthly continuing education!