Teddy Bear Corner, Inc.

Quality Child Day Care

Infant/Toddler and Pre-K Programs

3 Fairfield Locations

414 Greenfield Street

435 Old Stratfield Road

273 Villa Avenue


Benefits Provided by Teddy Bear Corner

Listed below are many of the extra services provided to you and your child by TEDDY BEAR CORNER. Most of these benefits are not offered by other area daycare facilities.

* Both programs offer a quiet, residential area with a large grassy yard, shade trees,garden and a play area that is safe and secure.

* Open 7:00 am – 5:30 pm year round, even when other centers are closed.

* A Parent Council which facilitates parental involvement in our program.

* Open door policy with secured, parent-friendly entrance.

* Bright, open, clean and safe, monitored classrooms.

* Take home notes describing your child’s activities.

* Knowledgeable caregivers trained in pediatric first aid, CPR and safety.

* Staff are licensed to administer medications.

* On-going staff training and seminars.

* Weekly visits by our registered nurse.

* Licensed Early Childhood Educational Consultant.

* Parenting information provided through a monthly in-house newsletter.

* Nutritious snacks twice a day.

* Linens are provided for cots and cribs.

* Diapers and wipes are provided throughout the day.

* Extended service time at a reasonable fee.

* Field trip programs for children 3 years and older.

* Giant family picnic at the end of the summer.

* Full medical insurance for any accidental injuries.

* Accidental D/D insurance paid directly to the parents by Gerber Life Co.

* Owner that is directly involved with the daily operation and is available to parents anytime.

It is important to have a center that cares not only about your child
but also about you.